The purpose for this web site is to share my Bible Study teaching resources. I’m posting the Powerpoints, handouts, and other materials that I would normally hand out in the classes I teach at Indiana Wesleyan University or while teaching in local and international churches.

I pray that these resources will help you study the Bible personally and then to teach the Word with accuracy. Countless people have helped me formulate these materials over the years including former professors who poured into me and students who helped me refine these truths in the “crucible of the classroom”. No one does this on their own. So, I give them all full credit for the valuable material that you might find here. Folks like Ben Witherington, Joel Green, John Oswalt, David Bauer, David Thompson, Victor Hamilton, James Dunn, and Stephen Barton portrayed to me sound minds wonderfully aligned with Christ-like hearts. Their teaching has inspired mine.  However, the errors which you might discover here are all mine.

Next, as I attempted to develop the art of teaching in a real classroom, friends like Keith Drury, Bud Bence, Steve Lennox, Jim Lo, David Wright, Steve DeNeff, and Ken Schenck gave me time to grow, room to fail gracefully, and more prayerful support than any one person deserves.

Finally, serving alongside fellow-professors at Indiana Wesleyan (2000-2010), then Kingswood University (2010-2015), now back at Indiana Wesleyan University has redefined my work unquestionably into a labor of love.

Go with God. 

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