Equipping the local church to discover a new life in Christ according to a biblical True^North.  

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If we want to truly live-in accordance with Christ, simply reading the Bible is not enough. Disciples must learn to read AND understand AND apply the Word. This is not the work of professional pastors and academics. This is Jesus’ basic teaching for each disciple. This is Jesus’ teaching for you. 

What could True^North do for my church?

True^North helps local churches to create a culture where searching the Scriptures is not just possible for everyone, but an essential factor in disciple-making on every level.

Who is David Smith?

My name is David Smith. My wife calls me David, everyone else calls me “Dave.” I’m professor of Bible at Indiana Wesleyan University. For the last 36 years, I have been married to the most wonderful woman I know, Angie. She is a home-maker and a discipler of young women here on the IWU campus. We have two children, Joshua (married to Laura) and Hannah (married to Brian), and a golden retriever named (NAME OF NEW DOG). I am passionate about the Gospels and Paul’s letters…but also have done extensive study and teaching in the Hebrew Bible. My wife and I have traveled extensively around the world teaching and doing leadership development. Most passionately, we have been working in local Church-based Community Development in Malawi Africa.

2003 – Ph.D., (New Testament Interpretation), Durham University, Durham, England
1996 – M. Div., Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY
1989 – M.A., Biblical Literature, (Old Testament), Asbury Theological Seminary
1987 – B.A., Bible, Asbury College, Wilmore, KY
1985 – Bible & Theology Classes, Ohio Christian University, Circleville, OH (1985)
1977 – Associates Degree; Business Data Processing, Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio


True^North is a movement to recalibrate our spiritual compasses to point towards the “true north” of God’s Word. This recalibration will address these three areas:

LAITY: Train laity to read, understand, and apply the sacred Scriptures to
their lives. New skills will be taught.
LEADERS: Train pastors and local church leaders “how to teach” the reading of Scripture to others. Pastors, small group leaders, Sunday School teachers, and youth leaders will discover that the reading of Scripture is THE chief way to make disciples.
READING TOGETHER IN COMMUNITY: In the Wesleyan tradition, it’s clear that everyone learns to read much deeper as they do it “in community” than reading alone. Christian Community is also the sacred space where people pursue transformation and personal holiness with higher success.

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