In addition to the True^North material, Dr. Smith has created a library of resources throughout his teaching career. The resources below are separate from the True^North content, but they are free to use and edit as you wish.  

This is all of the content used to teach my Gospels class:


Download All (.zip)


Download All (.zip)

01 Intro Lect NT205.ppt | download

02 Intro to Interpretation.ppt | download

Acts Survey1.ppt | download

Aroma of Death.ppt | download

BirthMessiah1.ppt | download

BirthMessiah2.ppt | download

Canon of Scripture.ppt | download

Crucifixion.ppt | download

Disciples in Gospels.ppt | download

EWBC Mark 1 2009.ppt | download

EWBC Mark 2 2009.ppt | download

EWBC Mark 3 2009.ppt | download

Gospel Passion.ppt | download

Grading Blomberg.ppt | download

Grading Mark.ppt | download

How to Read.ppt | download

Jesus and His Mighty Deeds.doc | download

Jesus and His Mighty Deeds.ppt | download

Jesus as Divine.ppt | download

Judas in Mark.ppt | download

Luke 2 Follow the Leader.pptx | download

Luke Intro1.ppt | download

Luke Survey 1.5-2.521.ppt | download

Luke Survey Smith1.ppt | download

Luke Acts The Prophetic Gospel.ppt | download

Luke Acts Chart.pdf | download

Luke.pdf | download

Mark 1.doc | download

Mark Chart copy.ppt | download

Mark Chart.ppt | download

Mark Intro copy.ppt | download

Mark Intro.ppt | download

Matt Intro.ppt | download

Matthew 1.ppt | download

Matthew Survey 1.1-17.ppt | download

Matthew-Survey.ppt | download

Miracles in Mark 3.doc | download

Nature of Scripture.ppt | download

Peterson How To Read.ppt | download

Reading Mark.ppt | download

Sea of Galilee Journeys in Marks Gospel.ppt | download

Spring Lake Evening.ppt | download

Spring Lake Mark Chart.ppt | download

Summary of Introductions.ppt | download

Survey of Luke 9.rtf | download

Synoptic Problem powerpoint.ppt | download

Synoptic Problem.ppt | download

Synoptic Summary.ppt | download

The Passion Trials.ppt | download

Three Worlds of Text1.ppt | download

This is all of the content used to teach my Inductive Bible Study class:


Download All (.zip)


Download All (.zip)

01 Intro Syllabus IBS.ppt | download

02 Intro to Interpretation1.ppt | download

02 Opening Reading Test.ppt | download

03 How to Read the Bible.ppt | download

Acts 2 42 Detailed.ppt | download

Closing IBS Lecture Ps 40.ppt | download

Colossians Survey.ppt | download

Contextual Herm.ppt | download

Creation Genesis.ppt | download

Cultural Cartoon.pdf | download

David and Bath.ppt | download

Ephesians Survey.ppt | download

Exegesis Tree_Zach.ppt | download

Exodus Chart.wpd | download

Green-Method.ppt | download

IBSNutshell.ppt | download

InterpFlowChart.ppt | download

Interpretive Assign debrief.ppt | download

Intro to Interpretation.ppt | download

IntroLect Syllabus.ppt | download

Jonah 2 Interp.doc | download

Jonah Survey.ppt | download

Lords Prayer.ppt | download

Luke Survey Smith2.ppt | download

Mark 14 Aroma of Death.ppt | download

Matt 5 chart.doc | download

Matthew Survey 1.1-171.ppt | download

Matthew Survey1.ppt | download

MattSurrveyFull.ppt | download

MT517-48 Survey.ppt | download

Observation DeBrief.ppt | download

Observations at a Glance.ppt | download

Phil 2.ppt | download

Prophet without honor.ppt | download

PSALM 73.ppt | download

Read Luke Chapter 24.doc | download

Ruth Survey Chart.ppt | download

Ruth Survey.ppt | download

School Leisure.ppt | download

Smith First IBS Mark 4-5.pdf | download

Study of Two Horizons Three Worlds1.ppt | download

Talking Points Unit 1.ppt | download

Talking Points Unit 2.ppt | download

Talking Points Unit 3.ppt | download

Talking Points Unit 4.ppt | download

Talking Points Unit 5.ppt | download

Word Study Fallacy.ppt | download